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Eve (Default)


August 8th, 2008

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Oh noes! Neville!
I finished the Slytherin common room drawing/painting for HiH, so- one down, three to go. Except I know I don't have nearly enough time to do the rest, I also know that I will get them done. Its me, heh. But I've got the sketches done for Ravenclaw and Gryffindor- and a pretty good idea for Hufflepuff's. My new, shiny scanner is supposed to get all set up today, but its been sitting there for a good few weeks so I'm not certain. I need to clean in here *points to room* but I've been obnoxiously tired and lazy for someone who doesn't do very much.

I've also finished Breaking Dawn, which I suggest you read. Not because its good... nor because its decent, or tolerable. Because its barely the last, at least to me. But its horribly, terribly, amusing. I think I was physically cringing for at least a third of it, and laughing for the other 2/3s. If you read it, you'll understand the cringing part. Sort of similar to watching a really cheesy movie, except with more Mary Sues talented characters and it takes a longer time. But not much longer.

I'm going to trot off to work on yearbook pictures! yay!

July 27th, 2008


Eve (Default)
I have finally had that "moment" when my mind discovered the exact composition for an idea I've been wanting to put on paper for the past two years or so. For about an hour I was on air, sketching rough ideas for how to begin and so I can come back and remember what it looked like in my head. But then I remembered my skills aren't to the level I need in order to create this without reference pictures... and I've been searching for references for the last few hours.

It is so hard to find a photograph these days, any photo- stock, private, modeling... any that shows a modern-day woman in a confident pose. Something strong that exudes happiness in a self-exalting way. Something that is not showing a woman trying to be provocative- but being sexy just because she's knows she's absolutely brilliant. Because she knows what she believes in.

I hate that I sound like a talk-show host. But I'm not just speaking on terms of being happy with your body. I'm speaking on terms of also being happy with your mind, and with your morals- issues that seem a few steps behind the body in terms of media attention.

If feels like pictures are considered beautiful now despite different body types- so long as they have a vacant expression and a broken pose admitting defeat.

Or perhaps I'm just over thinking things because I know this is going to be the hardest drawing I've ever done, because it means so much to me, and I don't know anyone I could ask to pose. I'm just so excited for it, and therefore nervous.

July 26th, 2008

Going to hell

Eve (Default)
I've taken the Dante test twice now (once when I was reading the Inferno, and once today!) I've become more sinful in the past few months! XD But now I'll be able to set up my juice shop in several different levels! Awesome!

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July 23rd, 2008

happy birthday!

Eve (Default)
A late birthday present for crucioed!

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July 17th, 2008


Eve (Default)
I had wanted to draw Tonks with long(er) hair for awhile, and I finally have. This is a watercolor pencil drawing/ painting. I'm not sure what it would be classified as? Probably drawing.

She is daydreaming at night of someone special. I imagined at first she was stuck on a night desk shift, which would lend her to be daydreaming. But with the background, maybe she's on watch. Irresponsible Tonks, Irresponsible!

Sometimes it is still funny for me to imagine Lupin/ Tonks, even though I kinda sorta love the pairing. I always imagined she would end up with Kingsley!

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July 15th, 2008

Summer drawings? Yah.

Eve (Default)
I've recently gotten a new macbook (who I still need to name) and with it, a new printer/ scanner. My mac I have learned how to use, but I was waiting to learn how to use the scanner to upload any pictures. I still haven't learned, but I have accumulated so many drawings that I just used my camera and my old family scanner. They account for some of the bad quality. The grainy ones are photos, the washed out ones are scanner copies. I'm so excited to use my new one... But there is bad quality just from my drawings too, haha.

So I have a few Harry Pottter fanart sketches here. A drawing of Bellatrix, and a few Luna/ Dean sketches. Cutest couple ever. I was trying to draw them from his point of view, mostly. Moments he remembers. Which is why I tried to keep them at a very sketchy level, and varying qualities.

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I also have been experimenting with watercolor pencils and coffee. (I call them coffeecolors!) It is turning out to be a fun medium, but I still need a lot of practice. You might notice eventually that I have a particular penchant for skylines.

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June 25th, 2008


Eve (Default)
I have made some Harry Potter house color icons, playing around with some of my saved model pictures, and sharpie drawings with photoshop. If you want to use them, go ahead, just credit me and let me know :) I will look for some place to post them later..
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June 20th, 2008

A new drawing.

Eve (Default)
I had a nice timed drawing this picture this morning. As I began to draw, I formed a story. I'm not going to write it all out... but I'll have a caption beneath the drawing. I have realized I am also becoming in love with honey on tortilla chips. 


I always love taking the little quizzes online. Blog quizzes or whatnot. And I always want to come back to them, but no myspace and I haven't been too active on here. But now I will post them here! :D :D Ahahaha they're so funny.
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June 18th, 2008


Eve (Default)
I thought I that would post a few of my quicker sketches.  I am working on trying to be less careful when creating values, because I think that I become too intent on creating smooth texture that I miss out on natural contrast.  All of these were done between 15-40 minutes.  

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